Community Policing Schemes

Community Policing is a strategy of policing that focuses on police building ties and working closely with members of the communities. It is a  policy that requires police to inherit a proactive approach to address public safety concerns.

It creates partnerships between law enforcement agency and other organizations like government agencies, community members, nonprofit service providers, private businesses and the media. The media represent a powerful pattern by which the police can communicate with the community. Community policing recognizes that police cannot solve every public safety problem alone, so interactive partnerships are created. The policing uses the public for developing problem-solving solutions.

Various Community Policing Schemes are being run at Police Station Level, Sub Division Level and at District Level in sirmour District by the police.

Police educates the common public on various burning issues through its community policing meetings like avoiding drunken driving, temple security, thefts and burglaries in winter season, Online/cyber frauds, ATM frauds, Public Service Delivery, SMS Helpline, Rights and Duties of Citizens, information on Proclaimed offenders, etc.

At times Community Policing meetings are convered with “Prashasan Junta Ke Dwar” meetings done by the District Administration so that police can reach out to maximum people and bridge the gap between the police and the public.